MTV “The Challenge: Cutthroat” off to a good start

This week was the kick off for the latest season of “The Challenge: Cutthroat” on MTV…I laughed with the cast as we all learned that Emilee Fitzpatrick, Camila Nakagawa, and Shauvon Torres would get to pick the teams.

Ifelicious TV: Red carpet interview with reality tv star Mark Long

Ok, I really had two wet dreams tonight, interviewing Emilee Fitzpatrick from Real World Cancun AND interviewing Mark Long of who is an MTV iconic/legend/ hall of fame/whatever you want to title him whose claim to reality fame stemmed from being on the first season of Road Rules and then those yummy RW/RR Challenges. As a self proclaimed MTV-head it was my duty to catch up with Mark Long and get the latest scoop as he walked the red carpet at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards After Party at Area Nightclub in West Hollywood on October 13, 2009.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge- The Duel 2 is back beeyatches!

Commentary on first episode of MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge- The Duel 2 including fight between CT and Adam over love triangle with Diem-CT-Shauvon.

MTV Gauntlet 3 Reunion Show was FIERCE!!!

As much as I can’t stand Christian Siriano, the Gauntlet 3 reunion show was indeed FIERCE!!! I used to hate Coral but I’ve grown to like her over the years. Same with Katie. I think it’s because I’m personally identifying with their rage right now. In any case, the RR/RW challenges have become my favorite MTV show. I love the competitiveness, backstabbing, and all the dramz that comes with each and every season. Let’s face it, you gotta love Beth. She’s the original Omorosa, and she brings her bitchassness every time.