Real World/Road Rules Challenge- The Duel 2 is back beeyatches!


Ok, I say this all the time, but the RW/RR challenges are my absolute favorite shows to watch on MTV.  I get to see alum from RR and RW seasons past and all the drama that comes from the spirit of competition and reality tv.  It is my tv “crack” like Aveda’s Brilliant Humectant Pomade is my hair “crack” and Lifesavers Wint-O-Green mints are my sugar fix “crack.”  Oh, the rush I feel just writing about this!

What’s a first episode without a fisticuffs battle as testosterone and alcohol floods floods the guys systems.  After all these years, CT still does not have his emotions in check.  Diem, you’re giving him too much play with this let’s be friends, but you have issues, and I’ll wait 5 years scenario.  You can’t play middle ground with CT and really don’t deserve to be upset, neither does CT.  Shauvon…well…yuck!…just yuck!




I love it when men return to their primitive instincts, as long as it stays with them and not like some Chris Brown-Rihanna type ishh.  Oh Adam, you never saw it coming, did you?

I’m not feeling the show intro, are you?

Like Paula Abdul when she tries to be succinct…2 words…bad idea!

I am feeling Ruthie.

Glad to see her back.  She’s totally my girl crush (coming from a straight girl).  Just love her energy.  I hope she does well.

Do you think Paula will get her redemption from last season?

What’s the hookup you want to see this season?

What do you think about this season’s rules?

Who do you think will make it until the end?


  1. aw (pronounced "A Dub") says:

    this looks like fun TV! but everyone looks so over-processed!

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