Warren G: Catching you up to his latest release of “The G-Files”

If the name Warren G rings a bell to you, you will likely go back in your mind to the year1994 when the hit track “Regulate” with Warren G and Nate Dogg was topping the charts. As I prepared for this interview, I recognized that Warren G had lost a lot of his mainstream fan base because many of the questions on Twitter and Facebook were asking where he’s been. Hopefully, through this and the next few posts focused on Warren G, you’ll get reacquainted and fall back in love with his signature G-Funk music over again. For those of you who were fans through it all, fist bumps to ya, would love to hear your thoughts.

Wait a minute! I met Ray J tonight.

That’s right! Ray J kept a low profile but was one of the larger celebrity guests that showed on a rainy Tuesday night for the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards After Party at Area Nightclub in West Hollywood. I know one of the media outlets got a picture of me with him so as soon as I find it online, I’ll update this post.

Warren G announces national US tour, album release party in LA 10/1/2009

After 10 million albums sold worldwide, Warren G’s seventh studio album, THE G FILES, will be released on September 29th.

Whitney in love triangle with Ray J and VH-1’s “For The Love Of Ray J”

Whitney Houston upset over boyfriend Ray J’s new VH-1 reality show For The Love Of Ray J