Wait a minute! I met Ray J tonight.


That’s right!  Ray J kept a low profile but was one of the larger celebrity guests that showed on a rainy Tuesday night for the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards After Party at Area Nightclub in West Hollywood.  I know one of the media outlets (heard it was Maverick Photos but can’t find them…holla if you know who they are) got a picture of me with him so as soon as I find it online, I’ll update this post.  I had a blurry cell phone pic around the time I ran into Ray J as temporary proof, but it didn’t save. 👿

He’s on one of Warren G‘s tracks from his latest album The G-Files, and we talked briefly about that.  “That’s my boy!” said Ray J, and we were all of a sudden on the same page.

I’ll be posting an interview with Warren G very, very soon!

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  1. sweeet! hmmm… i look forward to an in-depth eye opening interview with mr W-G (*cough, cough*)

  2. ih rayj I LOVE YOU.

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