Whitney in love triangle with Ray J and VH-1’s “For The Love Of Ray J”

Whitney, remember when? Wassup sista girl? Bobby Brown? Ray J?  Just watch the video and channel your old self.  I miss that Whitney.


While you bruthas are busy giving Ray J a pound, poor Whitney Houston is devastated that her “Wait A Minute” hitmaker man love kicks off his reality dating show “For The Love Of Ray J” on February 2, 2009 on VH-1.

Whitney, it’s time to have a girls night in.  I’ll bring the “Waiting To Exhale” dvd and a box of tissues.


BTW…how many “Flava of Love” permutations can VH-1 pull off before we’ve had enough??

Somebody please say “Uncle!”


  1. i love rayj and i hope for my 30th b-day in april on the 7th that he could met me in vegas so that my brithday will be memmories for me to cherish for the rest of my life. thank you!!!!!

  2. If RayJ beleived that Whitney was his true love,the one he would settle down with,he would’ve never agreed to do the show. I’m not saying he is going to find real/true love among those morons on his show.I’m saying Ray is not ready to settle down,this is all for publicity,it’s buisness. I think Whitney should just focus on herself,being a good Mom, (God only knows what BobbiChristina has seen/heard/been through) when Whitney and Bobby B. were married,focus on her music,because she has a God given gift. I beleive Whitney will find her real/true love in time.

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