(Part 2/2) Interview with ‘Making the Band”s Dylan: Life as a solo artist, student, dad, and lover

In part 2, Dylan offered insight about life after the reality TV cameras stopped rolling.

(Part 1/2) Interview with Dylan: MTV’s ‘Making the Band 2,’ Diddy, and Dave Chapelle’s parody immortalization

Dylan and I spent an hour on the phone while I put on my Barbara Walters game face hoping to probe beyond Dylan’s reality TV persona, what he learned from it, what he’s been doing since MTB2, and what’s next.

MTV Real World Vegas cast member Naomi Defensor to star in Dylan Dilinjah of Making the Band’s ‘Over You’ video

Reality star Naomi Defensor from MTV’s “Real World: Las Vegas” is set to star in Dylan DilinJah’s upcoming video to be directed by Mazi O. She plays the lead role as Dylan’s love interest. This is her first music video appearance since her role on “Real World: Las Vegas” this year.

Dylan Dilinjah from MTV and Diddy’s Making the Band series signs new record deal with Expat

Who could forget the the cocky reggae spitfire Dylan Dilinjah from MTV’s “Making the Band 2” seasons where they formed the group Da Band?…Dylan has been still in the music scene and recently signed a record deal with Expat Records.