Ifelicious Review: Let’s Talk About Pep, season 1 (Man Diagram)

If I were to sum up the season of VH1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep” in a picture, it would be the one I made below. I was surprised to see that Joumana was the one with the most guys, but then again, I’m not.

Ifelicious Review: VH1’s Let’s Talk About Pep, season 1

Now that the first season “Let’s Talk About Pep” has finished airing on Vh1, I feel it’s time to reflect on the season overall. I’ve actually gone back and watched all of the episodes and taken copious notes (see pic below) so I could share my “Ifelicious Thoughts.”

Let’s Talk About Pep cast and friends gather at Comix in NYC for season finale

Last night, March 1, 2010, at Comix in NYC, the ladies from Let’s Talk About Pep, their “gentlemen callers,” and friends alike gathered together for a private final screening of their show that airs on VH1. I was not able to personally make it out to the event. If only NYC was a short drive away… *sigh*

MY JOURNAL: Let’s Talk About Pep Launch Party, throwin ‘bows and photo pirates

Fancy talk and folks’ self promotion aside, here’s a little look into the “Let’s Talk About Pep” Launch Party that was held on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at Quo nightclub in NYC from my own experience. Journal style.

Markuann Smith caught with a foot in his mouth on VH1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep”

When Markuann Smith snagged the opportunity to appear on the season premiere of “Let’s Talk About Pep” as a potential love interest of the feisty and fiery “Kittie,” he had no idea how much fans’ personal obsessions with toe sucking and foot fetishes would be exposed. Kittie, the outspoken, bold and non-apologetically sexy girlfriend of the group enjoyed a date with Smith that ended with her foot in his mouth.