Ifelicious Review: VH1’s Let’s Talk About Pep, season 1

Now that the first season “Let’s Talk About Pep” has finished airing on Vh1, I feel it’s time to reflect on the season overall.  I’ve actually gone back and watched all of the episodes and taken copious notes (see pic below) so I could share my “Ifelicious Thoughts.”

Season’s best moments…

  • Markuann and Kittie’s first date, toe sucking quote”Your toes taste like meatloaf.”
  • Kittie tells off Tyler for standing Joumana up
  • Jacque’s “Orgasmic Providers” class to learn how to have an orgasm
  • Tom and Pep’s blindfolded tasting session on their first date
  • Pep’s date with BJ on the first episode and his Jheri Curl caught on fire in the hot tub
  • Pep and Kittie’s fight at the bowling alley bathroom on their double date
  • Tom’s arranged weekend getaway for Pep on the finale.  Man!  He can bring the romance

Me likey…

  • Successful working women of color
  • Including Pep being celibate or been in a relationship by choice, not for religious reasons, for 4 years
  • The natural chemistry amongst the girlfriends
  • Pep and Kittie together make the show
  • They explored a variety of dating alternatives (i.e. “Cutie Run,” speed dating, hiring a matchmaker)

Me no likey…

  • Not enough advertising about season finale.  I didn’t realize season was ending until I saw it in a press release, and I watch a lot of VH1.
  • Explore more with Jacque’s desire to become a mom and being single
  • Season finale should have included cliff hangers for each of the gals.  Only really wonder about Tom and if he gets it on with Pep/relationship lasts
  • I like the show but would rate it 3/5 stars.  Don’t really think it landed a solid fan base.  Wouldn’t be surprised if VH1 doesn’t snatch it up for a second season.

VH1 Interview with Pep…

This interview was conducted at the beginning of the season and put online with the other promotional videos about the show.  If you haven’t seen the show at all, I found the interview that VH1 Blog’s Rich Juzwiak conducted with Pep was very well done, and it gives you a lot of insight into the show.  I definitely recommend watching it and have posted the 4 video clips making up the interview below or you can go to the ALL VIDEOS page for “Let’s Talk About Pep” on VH1.


PART 2 of 4

PART 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

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