Satellite soars through Milwaukee with Tristan Prettyman (video, photos)

Steven McMorran Satellite Milwaukee Shank Hall

There’s something beautiful and rich and honest in every song on Satellite’s debut EP “Calling Birds” that is perfect for those introspective moments, rainy days, Sunday mornings, and love making.

‘Big Rich Texas’ star Leslie Birkland speaks out about rumors, beef, and raising children

Big Rich Texas Leslie Birkland

Since I posted the first part in my interview series with Leslie Birkland from The Style Network’s “Big Rich Texas,” I’ve now seen episode 3 from season 2 and the drama just seems to be swarming like bees around a hive in the land of Leslie. The final part of my interview with Leslie centers on the friend fall-out with Dr. Bon (Bonnie) Blossman, the Tyler rumor, being the primary caregiver for her Goddaughter Kalyn, her friendship with newest cast member DeAynni Hatley.

‘A-List: New York’ Unplugged: Reichen Lehmkuhl

Reichen Lehmkuhl fragrace

If you didn’t read my latest post “Logo’s ‘A-List: New York’ Reichen and Rodiney among cast on new VH1 series ‘Couples Therapy’ featuring Dr. Jenn Berman,” you need to check that out…it changed the way I wanted to structure my last unplugged interview with Reichen Lehmkuhl.