Wendy Williams slayed her sit down comedy tour in Milwaukee

Let me tell you, she slayed it! If you’re a daily Wendy Williams show watcher and a fan her from her radio years as I am, this is a show you need to see when it hits your town.

Interview with Lifetime’s ‘Big Women: Big Love’ cast member Sabrina

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sabrina Servance from the cast…On “Big Women: Big Love” she describes herself as one-date wonder and having a particular affinity to nerdy, white guys.

‘It Wasn’t Me’ Grammy winning artist Shaggy returns with ‘I Need Your Love’

Even with six Grammy nominations including a win for his debut album “Boombastic,” it’s hard for an artist to make a strong comeback after their music seems to have peaked in the mainstream world, but Shaggy is proving to be an exception.