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Interview with VH1 ‘Master of the Mix’ season 3 finalist DJ Dimepiece

This “Mixen’ Vixen” is one of only two female DJs who made the top 12 (DJ Tina T is the other female DJ) and represent in a male dominated profession…In my interview with Dimepiece we talked about her life on and off the show including her first single that just dropped called “Where my D.I.M.E.S. at?”

Review: Tommy & The High Pilots land in Milwaukee (video interview, photos)

On April 23, 2013, Tommy & The High Pilots performed at Milwaukee’s Shank Hall. It was a modest yet surprisingly enthusiastic crowd who was undoubtedly energized by the band’s deft ability to bring their music to life and people on their feet whether playing a ballad or an uptempo track.

Interview 2/2: Creed Bratton talks ‘The Office’ series finale and advice to Young Hollywood

Who has 4 toes on his right foot because his adoptive Chinese parents bound his feet as a child, prefers to poop in the women’s restroom, and can catch a fish with his bare hands? If you guessed the character Creed Bratton on NBC’s “The Office” you get an Ifelicious gold star!

Satellite soars through Milwaukee with Tristan Prettyman (video, photos)

There’s something beautiful and rich and honest in every song on Satellite’s debut EP “Calling Birds” that is perfect for those introspective moments, rainy days, Sunday mornings, and love making.

Interview 1/2: Creed from ‘The Office’ releases album ‘Tell Me About It,’ alien chickens, and more

Besides playing spider solitaire and finding great joy in breaking the law as the character by his own name on NBC’s hit comedy series “The Office,” Creed Bratton in real life has been that of also a musician…April 16, 2013 is the release date for Bratton’s first of a 3-part album entitled “Tell Me About It.”