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Paige Hurd Gives Back on Her Sweet 16

Paige Hurd chooses to raise money for cancer charity in lieu of receiving gifts for her Sweet 16.

Another random shocker…George Carlin passed away on Sunday

I was reading the few little news headline blurbey-poos (love my lingo?) as I logged out of my yahoo email and saw something about mourning George Carlin’s seven deadly sins or something like that.  I did the whole WTF?? thing in my head because I’m thinking why would you be mourning something he did if […]

They heard my cry! Real World adds some color to the cast

OMG!  Who would’ve thought that they’d replace Joey and Greg with Nick and Brittini?  Ok, so my secret’s out…I’m still watching the show.  I just couldn’t stop even when it was just ridiculous.  So far, Nick and Brittini seem like well adjusted, closer to average black people.  Who would’ve thunk that?  We really aren’t strippers […]

Dude! New season in session of Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D-List”

I flipped past my MTV equivalent for my creative side, Bravo, and noticed a new episode of Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D-List”. I sooooo forgot about it. What a bonus…especially after some crappy Indian food tonight. Yummy silly tv for my silly soul. I totally heart Kathy, but some of you out there may know that I have a thing for funny, rambly women…hence, my love of Ellen as well.

I am mourning the end of Weeds theme song "Little Boxes"

As, I’ve mentioned before, I love that song “Little Boxes” from the showtime tv series Weeds.  I’m reading a few articles and blog posts that are saying that season 4, episode 1 is the last time I’ll hear the song as the show’s intro.  Yep, I’m resistant to change.  I even hated that they started […]