I am mourning the end of Weeds theme song "Little Boxes"

As, I’ve mentioned before, I love that song “Little Boxes” from the showtime tv series Weeds.  I’m reading a few articles and blog posts that are saying that season 4, episode 1 is the last time I’ll hear the song as the show’s intro.  Yep, I’m resistant to change.  I even hated that they started doing random renditions of it on different episodes last season.  It’s my longest standing ringtone for my phone!  That’s how much I like the jingle and how fitting it is for the show.

I get that it’s no longer relevant, so this post is to officially mourn the end of hearing one of my favorite jingles every week.

Here’s a link to a blog post about it on AfterEllen.com that says the most about the retiring of the song.


Thank you, Malvina Reynolds, for bringing a rendition that I enjoy so much.  It’s probably because I grew up in a town so typified by this song.  This song is for all of the Agrestic’s out there.  I love how the show did the intro with everyone in their Land Rovers and the joggers and such.  So suburban America.  Lovez it!

Take a watchey poo and join in with me paying homage to one of my fav songs.


  1. […] different singer, everytime an original tone. But it looks like the Little Boxes are gone for good. Several blogs are reporting the end of the Little Boxes too, it started in episode 2 of season 4. The new […]

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