Another random shocker…George Carlin passed away on Sunday

I was reading the few little news headline blurbey-poos (love my lingo?) as I logged out of my yahoo email and saw something about mourning George Carlin’s seven deadly sins or something like that.  I did the whole WTF?? thing in my head because I’m thinking why would you be mourning something he did if he wasn’t dead?  Then, courtesy of my local news, I just heard that he indeed did pass away yesterday of heart failure.

Between him and Tim Russert, I feel like I need to go get a physical or something.  I’d imagine if any of you had people close to you suffer heart attacks or some form of sudden heart failure that was your wake up call.  It’s just surprising when there are little surges of deaths of famous folk in the news that just get your mind trying to make logic of it as if it were all interrelated…at least that’s what I do…maybe it’s the engineer in me.  Is it global warming?  Is it rising fuel prices?  You know…random “explanations” (not really this random, but you get my point).

Well, George, farewell to you, one of the great comedic talents.  You certainly have left your mark in the land of funny.

Here’s a youtube tribute clip with his standup routine about death.  As sad as this moment is, you can’t help but laugh and think about what George must be thinking from the other side…and hope he’s laughing right with us.

Check, check it out!


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