They heard my cry! Real World adds some color to the cast

OMG!  Who would’ve thought that they’d replace Joey and Greg with Nick and Brittini?  Ok, so my secret’s out…I’m still watching the show.  I just couldn’t stop even when it was just ridiculous.  So far, Nick and Brittini seem like well adjusted, closer to average black people.  Who would’ve thunk that?  We really aren’t strippers and womanizers.  And Brittini has a natural that has more naps than their typical pick of that black girl as being biracial with curls and not naps.  I hope they get some good shots of her trying to tame that woolly mess in the bathroom.  🙂

Ok, game on!  Thank you for throwing me and the rest of black America a bone, MTV.

Note to Nick…bringing Reva and Shaelee, AKA MTV RW whores, back to the house was a royal mistake, but I think you know that.  Just don’t do it again so I don’t have to hate you.  Those girls really make me sick.  They make Brianna look like a church girl.

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