Paige Hurd Gives Back on Her Sweet 16

**UPDATE 7/1/08** FINALLY!!!! My interview article has been posted. Click HERE to read it.

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**UPDATE 6/27/08** Hey folks, I’ve been promising info on Paige Hurd and here’s some info regarding her upcoming Sweet 16 parties. I will still be posting a story from my interview very, very, very soon (for real). Kudos to Paige for channeling her success and milestone birthday to raise funds for childhood cancer charities. Her little brother Pierce (read more below) as well as all those around her should be smiling from ear to ear.

Cheers! … ~Ifelicious

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Paige Hurd Make A Wish Celebrity teen actress Paige Hurd (from the CW TV Show “Everybody Hates Chris” and the hit film “Beauty Shop”) is having a Sweet 16 Birthday Party on Saturday July 19, 2008 in Los Angeles, California at a Private Loft off Sunset Blvd. During her party planning Paige decided she wants people to donate to charity instead of bringing her a gift on her most special day of her life so far. Paige is using her birthday party to raise funds for children’s cancer by having a raffle at her party. 100% of the profits from the raffle will be donated to charity. The raffle tickets can be purchased online (via and at the party itself. The best thing about the raffle is ticket holders will not have to be present to win. Sixteen (16) items will be raffled off at the Sweet 16 party. Two Pre-parties will be held on July 9th and 16th in Woodland Hills, CA where each person who attends the party automatically gets a raffle ticket upon paid entry. Additionally, anyone who buys a raffle ticket by July 16th will be entered into a special drawing where 16 people will be randomly chosen to attend Paige’s invite only party as her VIP guest, walk the red carpet and hang out with the selfless teenager during her spectacular party!

What Inspired Paige to Do This?
Paige and Pierce Paige’s youngest brother Pierce (6 years old) has both cancer and Down syndrome (Paige is one of 5 children). Additionally, Paige was touched by Brittiana Henderson who lost her battle to cancer in 2007 at the age of 13. Paige is actively involved in the community and lends her hands to many events that benefit finding a cure for cancer. As a result of her concern for children with cancer, Paige decided that at her Sweet 16 Birthday Party she didn’t want the party to be about her, but rather a vehicle where she could bring attention to the help children need to battle cancer. She has since asked that her family and friends to donate to charity opposed to bringing her gifts. Thus, the main focus of her party is the Charity Raffle where 100% of the profits from raffle ticket sales will be donated to childhood cancer foundations.

Paige Hurd in green tank and necklace There is More! Brotherhood Entertainment will hold 2 pre-Sweet 16 Party events that will directly benefit Paige’s cause on July 9th and July 16th for ALL AGES (no alcohol served) located at the Oxygen Lounge 19550 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana CA 91356 from 8:30pm-1am. Not only will the pre-event party goers enjoy live performances, but the entry fee buys them a raffle ticket as well. So everyone who pays to get in has automatically donated to charity, gets a raffle ticket and can win one of the 16 prizes that will be raffled off at the Sweet 16 event on July 19th. The best thing is you do not have to be present to win, so anyone anywhere can buy a raffle ticket and support the cause and possible win a raffle item. Paige’s Sweet 16 is a private, invite only red carpet event. Sixteen lucky people who have bought raffle tickets by 11pm on July 16th will be will be chosen from a special drawing (July 17th) to attend the Sweet 16 party, be Paige’s VIP guest, walk the red carpet and party like a star. Winners will be contacted and their names will be posted on The Sweet 16 party is themed “HollyHOOD” and will be filled with games, food, good music, celebrities, live performances, the raffle and a little surprise for Paige!

Paige Hurd in Atlanta Braves baseball cap Themed “HollyHood” a mixture of Paige’s life as an actress in Hollywood and her life growing up as a teenager will be a blend of sophistication and swag. This invite only event will greet its guest with a red carpet upon entry, passed hors’doeurves, live performances, a game room and various other cool activities will entertain the party goers. A secluded adult lounge area for the celebrity parents and guests 21 and over will be like an oasis in the middle of the hyped party event. The adult lounge will have chair massages, nail services, adult beverages and other relaxing additions. The charity raffle will present 16 raffle items to its winners then the cutting of her cake will take place before the live birthday performances take the party into high gear and end the evening with a bang. Rappers Small Change and Chingy are just 2 of the acts who will be on stage.

To date, the following has confirmed to be in attendance: Lil JJ (Nickelodeon “Just Jordan”), Malcolm Kelley (ABC “Lost”), Imani Hakim (CW “Everybody Hates Chris”), TeQuan Richmond (CW “Everybody Hates Chris”), Lil Romeo (rapper/ Nickelodeon “Romeo!”), Marcus Paulk (“Roll Bounce”/ “Another Cinderella Story”), Raven Goodwin (Nickelodeon “Just Jordan”), Landon Brown (MTV “Rock The Cradle” and son of Bobby Brown), Lil B. Sure! (MTV “Rock The Cradle” and son of Al B. Sure!), Chelsea Tavares (Nickelodeon “Just Jordan”), Bobbi Christina (daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown), Corde, Cordell and Cori (E! “Snoop Dogg Fatherhood” and kids of Snoop Dogg), Quincy Brown (Son of Al B. Sure! and Kim Porter), and Small Change (Rap Group/ Disney Pictures Soundtrack “Another Cinderella Story”). In addition to young Hollywood, the cast members from “Everybody Hates Chris” including Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell-Martin, VH1’s Godfrey, Hot 92.3 personality and legendary singer Al B. Sure! rapper Chingy and more have been invited to attend.

Guests will have the opportunity to win raffle items from the pictured sponsors as well as receive special party gift. Some raffle items include a T-Mobile Sidekick, Zune music players, A cruise to the Mexican Riviera, 2 $1500 Nicolet Watches, a Spa Massage Package, a wardrobe package from Luxire and MUCH more!!!


  1. this remind’s me of that VH1 show “My super sweet-sixteen”, except with a better vibe. the girls and guys on that show were just stuck up rich kids.

  2. pretty much, it is reminiscent of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, except she’s incorporating a charitable cause. that is honorable. at the same time, i can’t imagine that absolutely nobody is giving her a gift.

    my sweet sixteen birthday was 5 friends at a pizza hut in columbia, md. i remember seeing my first shooting star in the sky that night and thinking it was some cosmic sign of things to come. that was about as exciting as it got. if only…

  3. in real life says:

    she is just doing this to become noticed more. i know her and in real life she is a ghetto, back talking, annoying, stuck up bitch

  4. i think she’s a very good actor & very pretty and “in real life” you need to stop hating n get a effin life jeolousy is not a good thing

  5. She is really awful in real life and so is her mom cheryl. She is a snake and will step over anyone to get what she wants. They are wanna-bees. Karma is a Bi^%!….thats why Pierece is like that

  6. omg, , yu guys are soo mean. . she might be ghetto but shes not really stuck up or a b*t*h . . .shes actually pretty nice. .stop hatin foofers

  7. paigehurd says:

    you can or canot believe this is me but i am not ghetto i am not a b*tch and its one thing for you to talk about me but do not cross the line and talk about my family talking about my mother is not right nor about my brother he doesnt desrve to have anything wrong with him and as a christian i just have to let you say what you want and ill pray for you !!!!

  8. tru dat!

  9. Yes honey, use the fake Christian thing. I know you, I know the way you talk and act, I know how you treat others, I know how your mom treats others. So, please, don’t use that b.s on me!

  10. earthly_wind says:

    dag yall are mean, and how do yall possibly know her mother?

  11. wow u people are really mean she’s doing a good thing to help others on her birthday and all u can do is hate on her what did she do to make u mad anyway roxie.she is a very nice person and u can’t tell her if she faking Christianity u don’t know her heart you need to stop bein jealous and stop hatin

  12. jasmine says:

    is that your real brother . do not look like you.

  13. Paige Hurd… Eu te amo!!!
    87335818 – pode ligar!!!

    sou brasileiro!

  14. Paige Hurd… Irei lhe visitar em breve!


    MEU TELEFONE DE CONTATO: 085.87335818



  16. Tiffany B. says:

    Ok I have mixed emotions sbout Paige I mean there is somthing in my heart that’s telln me I should like but I just Can’t when I c her and my future husband I wanna Cut her. But then again when I c her on TV i can’t Hate her because she is a good actress….!!!!!!! Dueces TIffany B.

  17. I think you are all assholes! Why are you talking about that lil girl like that. I dont know her and I only watch the show but to talk shit about her mother is awful and to talk about that baby and say that is why he has cancer and downsyndrome is so hurtful and mean. May God have mercy on your souls thats awful.

  18. You people are sooooooooo mean! How can u even talk bout her like that and talkin all this stuff bout her family. U dont even know why little pierce has cancer and down syndrome. U probably dont even know any of her family. She dont talk bout ur family so u shouldnt talk bout her

    -Lisa, age 10
    ( BTW: She is not stuck up or back talkin……. I watch her vids on youtube and she does not fall into any of those categories , she is down 2 earth, nice caring and fun)(unlike any of u haterz u mean snobs)

  19. Having interviewed Paige on my blog and covering several stories about her, I found what I know of Paige to be very kind and positive. I’m not sure why so many of you have such strong/negative opinions about her. No need to get mean and personal either. Let’s show some respect!

  20. hey paige stay positive dont listen to the haters ,you are beaautiful and a very good actress and im sorry about your brother I wish i had a cure .I just lost my son on 9/24/09 because of a hospital mistake,andhe was only 7months and he was also sick not wth cancer though.if you ever need someone to talk to Paige I Will be here for you.

  21. hey paige did you get my comment I wanted to know if you wanted i could give you my email etc… I would like to be there for you and I COULD BE LIKE A BIG SISTER TO YOU IF YOU WANT .I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH .KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BEAUTIFUL.

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