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MTV Gauntlet 3 Reunion Show was FIERCE!!!

As much as I can’t stand Christian Siriano, the Gauntlet 3 reunion show was indeed FIERCE!!! I used to hate Coral but I’ve grown to like her over the years. Same with Katie. I think it’s because I’m personally identifying with their rage right now. In any case, the RR/RW challenges have become my favorite MTV show. I love the competitiveness, backstabbing, and all the dramz that comes with each and every season. Let’s face it, you gotta love Beth. She’s the original Omorosa, and she brings her bitchassness every time.

Jesus Peace

So, this past Sunday was the 50th anniversary of the peace sign.  CBS Sunday morning ran a segment on it that was good.  The history of the peace sign is a pretty interesting one.  Get out your headbands, beads, ankle bracelets, henna tattoos, incense and do a little reading on this iconic symbol.  Here are […]

Will someone tell Diddy that Robert needs the boot?

I can’t bear to watch another episode of Making the Band 4 where Robert is acting like a punk. He needs to check his ego and stop doing the whiny bitch thing, or as Diddy calls it “bitchassness”. Good call, Diddy, on the shirts. You’re still a pimp at heart. If I don’t buy the […]

Boy, that SNL spoof of Christian Siriano from Project Runway really took off

Kudos to Saturday Night Live for propelling an already growing phenomenon known as Christian Siriano from Project Runway to the mass audiences. I’m still mad he won, but I’m seeing a trend on that show. They’re liking the punky look designer in a gay, straight, or any other form.

Largest Single Source of Stuff People Like Blog links (formerly Stuff People Like Phenomenon)

A “good” thing can’t come along without knock-offs. Stuff White People Like is such a ginormous phenomenon that has spawned a bazillion (love my lingo??) additional Stuff Like sites. This is nothing new, just an old idea under a new name.