Will someone tell Diddy that Robert needs the boot?

I can’t bear to watch another episode of Making the Band 4 where Robert is acting like a punk. He needs to check his ego and stop doing the whiny bitch thing, or as Diddy calls it “bitchassness”. Good call, Diddy, on the shirts. You’re still a pimp at heart.

If I don’t buy the album, it’s really because of Robert. I need to be convinced that he, and really the rest of the group, really pulled it together. I’m not feeling them like Danity Kane. I was glued to those seasons. These guys are BORING!!! Plus, I don’t have a crush on any of them. Plus Plus, I already told you their name Day 26 sounds like a menstrual cycle. I feel like handing them a tampon.

Ugggh! Season be over already!

update 7/30/08:  Looking for the No Bitchassness tees or the reaction to Diddy’s latest self promo?  Check these spots






  1. MOTB will live so long as the Bitchassness resides in the heart of man…

    Stop the Bitchassness

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