Boy, that SNL spoof of Christian Siriano from Project Runway really took off

Kudos to Saturday Night Live for propelling an already growing phenomenon known as Christian Siriano from Project Runway to the mass audiences. I’m still mad he won, but I’m seeing a trend on that show. They’re liking the punky look designer in a gay, straight, or any other form.

I digress…Look, there’s even t-shirts now.

He was on white Oprah (AKA Ellen) earlier this week which will do wonders for him as well. Love his hot mess or not, you can’t hate on him for turning some tricks in the popularity circuit.  We’ll just have to see if anyone decides to wear those hideous poofey sleeved shirts from Medieval Times.  I’m not sure that even Posh Spice would want something that makes her look like a anorexic court jester.  She already looks like a bad version of Beckham in a woman’s body.  Ooh!  No she didn’t.  😉


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