Largest Single Source of Stuff People Like Blog links (formerly Stuff People Like Phenomenon)

A “good” thing can’t come along without knock-offs.Stuff White People Like is such a ginormous phenomenon that has spawned a bazillion (love my lingo??) additional Stuff <some demographic> Like sites.This is nothing new, just an old idea under a new name.Remember those lists of “you know you live/work/etc…in xxx when yyy”or “top 10 reasons…”?Same thing to me.

Anyhooz, I’ve been collecting Stuff People Like lists and posting them here.Over the weeks this list has grown and grown and grown.Tonight, I’m trying to group them into rough categories.Some are more closely related than others, but hopefully this will help you quickly find your niche and see how related sites compare.

I believe this to be the most comprehensive list of links with this theme in a single spot.Please continue to share sites as you find them as well as let me know if any become obsolete.Also, let me know if you’re diggin’ any of these sites as a whole or see a post worth checking out.

I, in no manner, shape, or form, intend to endorse the sites personally nor the views expressed on them.My intention is simply to provide information and hope you find something that makes you chuckle, informs/educates, or even ticks you off.



Stuff Educated Black People Like

Stuff Black People Like (another site)-

Stuff Ghetto People Like

Stuff Black People Like

Stuff Black People Love

Stuff Black People Like Also

Stuff Black People Like

Other Stuff Black People Like

Stuff Professional Black People Like

Stuff Lesbians Like (updated link May 30, 2011)

Stuff Lesbians Like

Things Lesbians Like

Stuff Straight People Like (written from a lesbian perspective so you don’t get punked like I did at first. it’s still funny. i especially like the one about oprah.)-

Stuff Gay Guys Like (better list than the one further up this page)-

Stuff Queer People Like

Stuff Gay Men Like (only 1 item posted so far)-

Stuff Asian People Like (updated link May 30, 2011)

Stuff Yellow People Like

Stuff Indians Like

Stuff Brown People Like (updated link May 30, 2011)

Stuff Bahrainis Like

Stuff Moroccan People Like

Stuff Desis/Brown People Like

Stuff Vietnamese People Like

Stuff Vietnamese People Like (another site w/ same name)

Stuff Japanese People Like

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White Trash People Like

Stuff Liberal White People Like

Stuff White People Do (*new to this list 6/6/08*…thanks to post from Steve the Penguin blog)

Stuff Heteros Like- (*new to this list 6/19/08*…thanks Michael)

Stuff Educated Latinos Like

Stuff Dominican People Like

Stuff Jewish People Like (updated link May 30, 2011)

Stuff Canadian People Like

Stuff City People in Minnesota Like

The Visiting Brit- (*new to this list 6/22/08*…thanks Chris)


Stuff Consultants Like

Stuff Stick Figure People Like

Stuff Fashion People Like

Stuff Rich People Like–

Stuff Rich People Like

Stuff Radio People Like

Stuff Theatre People Like

Stuff College People Like

Stuff Orange and Blue People Like’s lists: This one is not under the same naming and has been around, but in the same atmosphere and worth a chuckly peek-


  1. Actually, the first “Stuff Lesbians Like” is here:

  2. My bad. Thanks for the correction. I’m updating my post now.

  3. LOL, thanks for the link!

    @ Jaime: I don’t think she copied me. Although mine went up first, I think we came up with the idea independently.

    There’s also others out there:

  4. Hey. Why is the asians site always listed last. It’s odd that whenever there has been a list, it’s always been after stuff black people like or whatever. I’ve been following the site since it was created, and it was there about a month before stuff educated black people or any of the others popped up. Though the white people site is first, the asian site most definitely came second.

  5. Matthew- First of all, thanks for your comment. As a new blogger, I’m always excited to get a response from someone that I do not know personally. It lets me know that you’re out there. Props to you for posting your comment. I love spicy commentary because I’m spicy myself.

    First of all, the Asian site was the last link I added based on the comment right above yours from Grace.

    I’m Black so I did deliberately put “Stuff Educated Black People Like” at the top when I learned of it.

    An additional Stuff Lesbians Like link was added in response to Jaime’s comment.

    I clarified Stuff Straight People Like to let readers know that it’s written from a lesbian perspective.

    The listing, outside of those edits, are completely random on purpose.

    If I move the Asian site in response to your comment, I’ll get hell from someone with a particular affinity on another list.

    Thanks for challenging me to keep it real. Those who know me know that I do that to a fault.

  6. @ Jaime: I don’t think she copied me. Although mine went up first, I think we came up with the idea independently.

    Yes, I was referring to – I’m pretty sure she and I came up with the idea independently.

    (I cannot say the same about the webmaster who runs the site linked by “jenn” however.)

    In any event, thanks for the master list!

  7. I’m staying out of this whose areola is bigger battle brewing, but I do want to note that I did add back onto the list (thanks, Grace, for bringing that to my attention).

    It was not intentional at all. Rather, I messed myself up trying to get the list organized as I clicked links to make sure they were correct, following comment threads, yadda, yadda…

    I’m adding Stuff Oprah Likes that I found on her site as well.

  8. I can’t get the Brook Valentine song “girlfight” out of my head right now.

  9. Thanks, Snowshoe, for the link via the comment thread on

    Is it just me, or does that site name sound like a brand of douche? 🙂

  10. Hi, a few of us have just started a new blog:

    Stuff Heteros Like.

    Thanks for your comprehensive list!

  11. My blog focuses on what a Brit loves about America. It is It is meant to be satirical and funny and realise how much good stuff Americans have… (and why I love it here)


  12. Phuong Cham says:

    I saw this site very interesting. Maybe you should introduce it, too.

  13. Phuong- it’s been a while since i’ve visited this post. thanks for the addition! i need to go through and make some updates.


  1. […] There are about a hundred other blogs out there that have stemmed from Stuff White People Like. See Stuff White People Like Phenomenon. I’d like to think that I have the freedom to put whatever I want on the internet, as long as […]

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