BET to air documentary about women in hip hop “My Mic Sounds Nice” on Aug 30

I’m not one to go racing to watch BET shows these days, but as soon as I saw this documentary special would be airing I knew I’d want to see it, and hopefully you will, too. On my blog, I’d like to give more attention female emcees..hopefully BET’s first music documentary “My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip Hop” will do justice to this aspect of hip hop culture.

Women in hip hop. Interview with MC Lyte. (

MC Lyte first gained noteriety as a hip hop artist back in the 80s and 90s delivering hit tunes such as “Ruffneck” and “I Am The Lyte.” Since then, MC Lyte has gone on to coach Shar Jackson (“Moesha”) to a win over Kendra Wilkinson (“The Girls Next Door”) on MTV’s “Celebrity Rap Superstar,” played Kai on hit tv show “Half & Half,” and you’ll even find some of her valuables in the Smithsonian Museum.

Throwback Friday- MC Lyte “Cha Cha Cha”

I would never have imagined that I would be on the phone with MC Lyte last Friday. It was an absolute honor. Thanks to Kerith and Matt for helping to make it happen. It, therefore, seems fitting to make this week’s Throwback Friday post one of MC Lyte’s classic tracks “Cha Cha Cha.” Releases “The Pink Carpet” Mixtape hosted by DJ Vlad for free download now

Underground Girls of Hip-Hop invites you to “The Pink Carpet” hosted by DJ Vlad their first mixtape. “The Pink Carpet” is a for sure female mixtape classic. Now available for free download!