NBA head coach and reality star team up to end childhood obesity

Pocket Protein Kidz is the latest healthy protein product developed by reality star, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur Mark Long in partnership with LA Clippers’ Head Coach Doc Rivers.

Reality star Mark Long dishes on MTV Challenges past, present, and future

I recently interviewed Mark about his new protein supplement to go called Pocket Protein, and he graciously answered some additional questions about competing on the Challenges- past, present, and future.

Event Recap: The Reality Bash 2010

The Reality Bash 2010 was held at Industry Nightclub (formerly Area) in West Hollywood on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. It’s the creation of Mark Long, Memphis Garrett, Pam Backer, and Kelley Jackson who wanted the spirit of the now defunct FOX Reality Channel’s Really Awards to live on.

2009 FOX Reality Channel Really Award Winners…and Ifelicious Honors

When I mentioned that I covered a FOX Really Awards afterparty last week to a friend, they responded, “They give awards for reality television?” It made me pause as well…and laugh a little, but I looked over the categories, and it’s all in good fun. The FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, hosted by Vivica A. Fox and Lance Bass, taped on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 and had its first airing on Saturday, October 17, 2009.

Ifelicious TV: Red carpet interview with reality tv star Mark Long

Ok, I really had two wet dreams tonight, interviewing Emilee Fitzpatrick from Real World Cancun AND interviewing Mark Long of who is an MTV iconic/legend/ hall of fame/whatever you want to title him whose claim to reality fame stemmed from being on the first season of Road Rules and then those yummy RW/RR Challenges. As a self proclaimed MTV-head it was my duty to catch up with Mark Long and get the latest scoop as he walked the red carpet at the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards After Party at Area Nightclub in West Hollywood on October 13, 2009.