Event Recap: The Reality Bash 2010

The Reality Bash 2010 was held at Industry Nightclub (formerly Area) in West Hollywood on Tuesday, November 9, 2010.  It’s the creation of Mark Long, Memphis Garrett, Pam Backer, and Kelley Jackson who wanted the spirit of the now defunct FOX Reality Channel’s Really Awards to live on.  It was mostly a party scene with a few awards announced around midnight by Mark Long.

I was in a reality TV wet dream! Just wait until I list all of the reality stars that were in attendance.  This is event is what I and this blog I write live for!

Award winners…

Please note that the awards were considered awarded for fun and practically secondary to the party itself, and you’ll see it reflected in the categories.  This was not meant to directly mimic last year’s FOX Really Awards.

Favorite “Pin Up” To Reality Award:  Jayde Nicole (MTV “The Hills”)

Reality’s “Get Out of Jail Card Free” Award:  Saaphyri Windsor (VH1 “I Love Money 2”)

Reality’s Favorite Alliance Award:  The Brigade (CBS “Big Brother 12”)

Biggest Dick in Reality Award:  Ron Jeremy

Web Award for Support of Reality TV:  Mark Yawitz (“Reality Wanted”)

Reality’s Lost in Translation Award:  Frenchie (VH1 “I Love Money 2”)

Reality’s Love to Hate Award:  Angelina (MTV “Jersey Shore”)

Reality’s Favorite Hustler/Entrepreneur Award:  Poprah (VH1 “I Want to Work for Diddy”)

We Wish You Were Back in Reality TV Award:  Puck (MTV “Real World: San Francisco”)

Reality TV’s Lifetime Achievement Award: Eric Nies (MTV “Real World: New York” …1st season of the series)

Event photos…

Here are all of the red carpet and cell phone pics I have from the event. There are over 100 photos in all. When I can, I’ll try to caption and index them. In the meantime, I appreciate any comments with names to add to photos. Also, if you need to tell me about something specifically and do not want to comment, check out my CONTACT page.

Ifelicious Flipcam: Red Carpet Interviews

This YouTube video has interviews I conducted with reality stars Mark Long, Chet Cannon, Ruthie Alcaide, Will Gilbert, Nehemiah Clark, and Saaphyri Windsor.  Don’t forget to susbcribe to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/ifelicious)!

Other video coverage

These folks from Pop Talk Show were right next to me on the red carpet

Mark Long announced Reality Award Winners

I love what Mark Long‘s doing for reality TV. Be sure to connect with him online:

I also shared red carpet space with the folks from Reality Wanted and know they’ll have some super interviews to post as well realitywanted.com.  Additionally, Real TV has sent me a link to their footage as well www.realtvfilms.com/reality-bash-2010.

Feel free to add comments with links to your own coverage that you would like to share.

Links to Last Year’s FOX Really Awards blog posts

2009 FOX Reality Channel Really Award Winners…and Ifelicious Honors

RED CARPET PHOTOS- FOX Really Awards after party at Area Nightclub


  1. i literally don’t recognize ONE of those people. didnt jayde nicole and jessica hall go to that event?!

  2. Jen- which one? i haven’t captioned the photos yet, and i still may have a few others around. yes, Jayde and Jessica were there. i missed a few people when i stopped to get some on camera interviews.

  3. How do you not recognize TEAMSTRANGE from Bullrun, or the carpenter brothers from Cupcake Wars, or any of the Bad Girls?!?!?

  4. Jake- some ladies from the Bad Girls Club were there but none of the other shows you mentioned had people that attended (that i know off-hand).

  5. sure they were. I’m pretty sure that your photo of the guys all leathered up is of the TEAMSTRANGE guys and the Cupcake Wars carpenters.

  6. I must admit I honestly didn’t know there was a reality awards show. I don’t watch many reality shows, so I am not able to help name many people and for those I do recognize, I forgot their names. HAHA.

    Great pictures.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Ana Locking Spring 2011 – “Insides” Collection

  7. Was this on tv too, did I miss it?? Or was it just on the net?

  8. Jake- thanks! i’ll update that photo when creating the caption.

    Tia- actually, it was neither. it was just held as an event so there was no opportunity to “see” it per se unless you were there. the idea is to carry on the legacy of the FOX Really Awards from the FOX Reality Channel that’s now defunct. let’s hope next year one of the networks picks it up. i’m sure lots of people would love to watch it on TV.

    Sharon- no worries! just come back and visit as you see the captions going up so you can get all caught up on your reality TV stars. 🙂

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