70s classic “Good Times” to be a movie. Cast includes Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Dave Chappelle and more!

That’s right y’all!!! JJ, Thelma, James, Florida, and the rest of the cast from the 70s classic TV show will be back, but this time on the silver screen! The cast to include Dave Chapelle as “JJ,” Loretta Divine as “Florida,” Delro Lindo as “James,” Beyonce as “Thelma,” Queen Latifah as “Willona.” Production is currently slated for Fall 2010 and filmmaker Maurice Jamal has been named as the director.

Donny Osmond speaks out on Lady Gaga/Beyonce “Telephone” video

Using his daily radio program – The Donny Osmond Show – as a platform, Donny Osmond jumped into the controversy surrounding the recently released Lady Gaga “Telephone” video featuring Beyonce. The video has been widely criticized for its depiction of graphic violence and explicit sex. See the video and hear his commentary.

2010 list of Grammy winners and my Ifelicious 2 cents

Thanks to all of you who joined me on Twitter in the smack talk as we watched the Grammys. It made watching that much more fun. I haven’t compared my picks to the actual winners list yet, but I know I shouldn’t be a betting gal. Last night was Team Beyonce and Team Taylor Swift. Beyonce broke the record for the most Grammys won by a female in, and Taylor…well, she writes her own music as if nobody else does. 🙄 Seriously, Taylor took home 4 Grammys including Album of the Year. Kanye West, yet again, was in M.I.A. which we all can’t help but to attribute that to America’s 20 year old sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

Jay Z on Oprah

When I start thinking about how this even came to be, I remember that Oprah loves her some Beyonce. After all, Beyonce taught her the booty shake! It would be a matter of time that Oprah and Jay Z would sit down to talk. As odd of a pairing that it seemed to be, there was a mutual interview chemistry between them that made the an odd couple believable.

2009 MTV VMAs- subpar Michael Jackson tribute and Kanye acts up again…otherwise boring

Who else like me bought the hype that MTV was going to really do it up with a tribute to Michael Jackson? I was expecting to see more than Madonna’s speech and a short performance featuring Janet Jackson, however wonderful they were. I thought MTV would perhaps come up with an award to present to the family, maybe do some video footage of MJ at the VMAs through the years, intertwine MJ info for the presenters to share, I don’t know…just something more than what they did