70s classic “Good Times” to be a movie. Cast includes Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Dave Chappelle and more!

UPDATE June 16, 2011: I have not heard any more information regarding this movie and am not sure at this point if it is still being cast or produced. I will do some research to determine the true status of this project.

That’s right y’all!!!  JJ, Thelma, James, Florida, and the rest of the cast from the 70s classic TV show will be back, but this time on the silver screen!  The cast to include Dave Chapelle as “JJ,” Loretta Devine as “Florida,” Delroy Lindo as “James,” Beyonce as “Thelma,” Queen Latifah as “Willona.”  Production is currently slated for Fall 2010 and filmmaker Maurice Jamal has been named as the director.

More details as I get them!

Here’s a throwback to a classic scene from “Good Times” from YouTube. We often mock this moment in jest, but in the context of the show, it’s really sad, actually.

The closing moments of the episode where James died and Florida has finally accepted the fact that James is really gone.

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  1. Ms. Vydeo says:

    It’s great that you’re doing a remake of Good Times. The cast you pick is awesome, with one exception. BEYONCE playn Thelma. I feel that you should chosen someone else, like Tatiana Ali, Megan Good, Regan Gomez or even the girl that played Laura Winslow on Family Matters. Reason being you need someone to blend in with the family not standout. How many couples you know that are darkskin and have a high yellow child. (somebody been sleepn in the wrong bed) LOL! Any how I will go see the movie. David Chappelle playn JJ will be hilarious. Who going to play Michael and Bookman. Suggestion why not have the comedian LIL JJ play Michael and Mr. Brown (Tyler Perry’s meet the Browns) play Bookman.

  2. I have a suggestion who will be perfect for the role of Bookman: Cedric The Entertainer! Hell yea! That would be hilarious! I`m not sure about Michael yet, maybe that kid from Everybody Hates Chris. That could work. As far as JJ goes, Dave Chapelle is an excellent choice! I would hurt myself laughing! Queen Latifah, another excellent choice! Beyonce as Thelma, not a great choice because the person that wrote the last comment was right, she would stick out too much with the family.

  3. Brad- you made some great casting decisions! i need to follow up on this project because i haven’t seen it pop up in IMDB. i really hope it happens. thanks for your comment!

  4. I had the same ideal too, my cast would have been Samuel Jackson as James Evans, Angela Bassette as Flordia, Jenifer Lewis as Willona, Snoop Dogg as Sweet Daddy, Cedric The entertainer as Bookman. Louis Gossett Jr as Aldeman Davis.

  5. Tatiana ali as Thema. Chris brown as Michael. David Chappelle as JJ

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