Archives for March 22, 2012

‘Rampart’ starring Woody Harrelson out on DVD/Blu-Ray May 15

Rampart” (purchase via Amazon) is a movie, starring Woody Harrelson, adapted from the actual LAPD Rampart scandal from the 1990s. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 and was distributed in theaters on a limited release. It’s time to update your Netflix queues and start stalking your closest Redbox because “Rampart” is scheduled for a DVD/Blu-Ray release on May 15, 2012 via Millenium Media.

(Pt 2/2) ‘Battle of the Exes’ interview with Abram Boise: secret lovers, doing Challenges, creative pursuits

In this final part of my “Battle of the Exes” interview series with Abram, I highlight some of his lesser known pursuits as well as touch on his experience doing the MTV Challenges.

(Pt 1/2) ‘Battle of the Exes’ interview with Abram Boise: loving Cara Maria

I know y’all are wondering what’s the latest between him and Cara Maria so I’m kicking off this two-part interview series with that. Unlike Cara Maria, Abram tends to speak more philosophically about love as you’ll read. As of this very moment that I’m typing, the two are back together again, but I’ve picked out portions of our interview taken while they were broken up that I think are worth sharing and/or relevant regardless of their relationship status.