(Pt 1/2) ‘Battle of the Exes’ interview with Abram Boise: loving Cara Maria

MTV Battle of the Exes Cara Maria Sorbello Abram Boise

Cara Maria and Abram Boise, photo credit: MTV

If you have been watching “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” on MTV, you know that Abram Boise and Cara Maria Sorbello were eliminated by Emily Schromm and Ty Ruff in The Dome on episode 5.  Besides the little twinkle of hope some of us have held out for Chris “CT” Tamburello and Diem Brown to reunite, Cara Maria and Abram were the only two “exes” whose status was kind of a relative term.  That made for some fun reality TV watching while it lasted, but as Heidi Klum says on “Project Runway,” “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.”  😆

After the success of my interview series with Abram last year, I’ve reached out to him again on a few occasions, while the Challenge has been airing, for some updates.  Over the winter, he was staying and working in Georgia with Cohutta Grindstaff (MTV “Real World: Sydney” and the Challenges), and now he’s getting his Montana house, that he built, ready to rent out over the next several months. I know y’all are wondering what’s the latest between him and Cara Maria so I’m kicking off this two-part interview series with that.  Unlike Cara Maria, Abram tends to speak more philosophically about love as you’ll read.  As of this very moment that I’m typing, the two are back together again, but I’ve picked out portions of our interview taken while they were broken up that I think are worth sharing and/or relevant regardless of their relationship status.

Without further ado…


On Cara Maria…

Ifelicious:  Why haven’t you and Cara Maria ever been Facebook official as boyfriend and girlfriend?

Abram:  I really just don’t give a shit about Facebook status.  What a different generation this has become…Anyone that’s using a Facebook status to claim single or together or anything along those lines, I think it’s ridiculous.  If you want to be with somebody, you’ll be with them and all other actions will follow suit.

Ifelicious:  Have you ever cheated on Cara Maria?

Abram:  No.

Ifelicious:  I’m going to ask you again. (laughs)

Abram:  No, I haven’t.  I’m serious.

Ifelicious:  I don’t mean to be laughing in a disrespectful way.  It’s just that I had a very different conversation with Cara Maria.

Abram:  For a long time, Cara Maria and I were in an open relationship…We had broken up a number of times, and one of the times that she left me, I said I would get on with my life…and then she came running back into my life screaming and pissed off that she heard I was seeing someone else after she dumped me.

Ifelicious:  Why did you call Cara Maria a ‘bitch’ and a ‘cunt’ that she refers to in the MTV.com interview?

Abram:  If you love someone, you should be kind to them.  There’s never any reason, despite what we’ve been taught by television or by our parents or by other people…to be so harsh with people we care about, and there are other ways to resolve things.  Unfortunately, I’m still just as human as the next one.  I get frustrated and exasperated with words, not being able to communicate with the other person as clearly as I’d like…I guess what I’m getting at, in no way am I ever going to condone screaming and yelling at somebody, but to be totally honest with you, anybody that thinks they should just be even keeled the entire time is full of shit.  I’ve been rowdy my whole life…She knew that…I’ll be sweet, but don’t kick my ass around the parking lot and expect me to do nothing back.

Ifelicious:  Why do you the two of you seem to fight so publicly online?

Abram:  I’ll be honest, it drives me nuts that I have to go on Facebook to find out what your girlfriend wanted to say to you.  Like, ‘Good God!  Just call me!’…She gets mad and she’ll hang up and then I have no way to get a hold of her, and I know that she pays attention to Facebook, so that’s where I’ll go, or Twitter, and it’s like a last resort.

Ifelicious:  Your relationship seems to be very passionate and heavy when it’s on and like equally hurtful when y’all are not together.

Abram:  Actually, Cara Maria was quite the opposite…She was very even keeled despite the fact that she’d be with me and then she wouldn’t be with me…I understood Cara Maria’s and my relationship.  I understood that she loved me, and I understood that I was in love with her, and despite anything that might seem like turmoil, it was actually steady, and that’s why I wanted to be with her.  She made me a better man.

I could hear Abram’s voice almost crack at the end of that last sentence.  I was just struck by the way he said,  “She made me a better man.”

One of the last things in the interview that Abram said to me about his relationship with Cara Maria was:

“Any public fights or anything along those lines, any of the wild things, those are all things that have erupted from an enormous amount of passion between the two of us.  We have been through some hard shit.  I say ‘shit’ to accentuate how rough it’s been, and no pun intended, but pun slightly intended.  The point being we’ve gone through a lot, and we’re still inexplicably and completely drawn towards each other.  I think that the distance hammers at that a little bit more, but in the end, I think that Cara Maria and I are going to be together for a very long time”

At the time this interview is going online, Abram and Cara Maria are just setting out on a road trip that includes stops in Arizona, Nevada, and ultimately ends at Abram’s house in Montana.  Keep up with their whereabouts online via Facebook (Abram G. Boise, Cara Maria), Twitter (@AbramBoise, @MissCaraMaria), YouTube (Abram Boise, Miss Cara Maria), Etsy (AbramBoise, MissCaraMaria), and Abram’s blog (Abram’s Army).  Get more info and book Abram’s house in Montana via the listing on Mountain-Home.com.

The next part of the interview will be cover everything else about Abram outside of his relationship with Cara Maria- his artwork, writing, tattooes, and more.  Stay tuned!  😀

In the meantime, read all of my blog posts related to the MTV Challenges – CLICK HERE.

On a personal note, I know that Abram does not speak to the press very often so I’m extremely thankful that he, and now Cara Maria, have made themselves accessible to me for Ifelicious Thoughts.

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