EXCLUSIVE! Shar Jackson AFTER VH1 “Celebrity Fit Club” and truth on love links to K-Fed and Kris Black (photos)

Shar Jackson before photo VH1 "Celebrity Fit Club"

I lovezz it already!  VH1‘s “Celebrity Fit Club” has stirred the pot with the Season 7 cast.  Making headlines on all the gossip sites are mentions of Kevin Federline aka “K-Fed” and pre-Britney “Circus” Spears girlfriend Shar Jackson, or as I’m naming, right here, right now “SharFed.”  🙄  The couple had 2 children during their relationship and make their first televised reunion on this show.  Nothing’s better than 8 weeks of boot camp booty torture, and I mean it in every sense of the word.  😉

Spoiler alert!

Shar Jackson shed over 30 pounds during her stint on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.” Shar is quick to report that the show is less about personal fireworks and more about growing and changing images, both physically and creatively.

VH1 preview super trailer

VH1 exclusive pre-series preview clips

But wait, there’s more!

I spotted Shar Jackson on the set of “The Untitled Kris Black Project” where she’s acting alongside another former beau and heartthrob talent that y’all just haven’t caught onto yet, Kris Black. I name them right here, right now as “SharK.”

Over the last two years, Kris Black and Shar Jackson have weathered the tabloid interest concerning their off-screen relationship. The couple prefer to leave their private lives just that, but are very open to talk about their creative endeavors together.  As for Kris Black and Shar, their focus is on their work together, and their “friendship” has grown over the last two years since making sparks fly on the set of “The House That Jack Built.”

Without further ado…EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS!!!

LEFT PHOTO: Kris Black, Shar Jackson / RIGHT PHOTO: Kris Black, Shar Jackson, Jeremy Jackson

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  1. ATTN: PAPPARAZZI—-Can’t celebrities fall prey to all the things that we do??? Being depressed about your life sucks, being depressed about your life and NOT even being able to go the grocery store without someone calling you fat or awful, showing you a picture of yourself looking overweight, or at the very least even asking you about it (like they care). Celebrities may ask for fame, but that does not give ANYONE the right to taunt these people like they are caged zoo animals! They do not exist to make our existence seem more worthwhile. They exist like all of the rest of us do… and sometimes we fall… not a highlight reel people… Work on you and judge yourself, because, trust me…. you need judgment of selfworth more than any of these celebs!

  2. oooh I just caught i think the 2nd episode of the show. it was crazy, but funny! just how i like it! and Shar where you been girrrl? You know we’ve missed you since Moesha! It’s kind of amazing that Shar (and KFed) were willing to do the show given that they have children and all the drama! So kudos to them for being the bigger people…haha no pun intended..but forreal!

  3. Child, this is too much reality for me. I wish them all the best and Miss Jackson is looking good. I love your enthusiasm on this post–keep up the great work!

  4. Rach- i get your point, but it’s out of context in relation to the content in this post.

    adub- i don’t think they knew ahead of time that they’d be doing the show together or at least not before they committed to doing it. weight loss is physical and emotional and it has to be hard to be so vulnerable in front of your ex and hungry tabloids.

    nandoism- Shar did come a long way.

  5. solidmastery says:

    I don’t know.
    I think Shar gained weight for publicity.
    I think a few celebs may have (or will) gain weight for a media “work”.

    The reason I say that is because Shar strikes me as being naturally in shape.
    This is strictly conjecture on my part.

    Just think about it: Out of the lime-light? Why not revitalize your fan-base by getting exposure on reality TV? It is much cheaper and surer bet to do so….

    Somebody needs to hire me as their publicist. I got a lot of ideas on how to do effective media “work”‘s.

    On a side note: Shar should explore a career in the hip hop genre. She won the celebrity rap battle contest. Just get Bahamadia to ghost write for her, and she is all set.

    Also: Celebrity Reality TV < Reality TV <<<< Dexter

  6. It’s great that she was able to shed the weight physically and emotionally. Sometimes it takes an audience for a person to admit that things need to change and then stick to making those changes. I think that celebrities should enjoy some level of privacy when it comes to relationships regardless if they seek the spotlight or not. Go ‘SharK’ for not spilling the details of their relationship beyond the professional.

  7. solidmastery- you always present an “alternative” train of thought, but there’s a little something there to consider. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    deauna- first of all, thank you for commenting with consideration for the contents of the article in mind. you must be a writer or something. 😉 SharK was indeed very professional about the details of their personal relationship. it makes him even cuter, doesn’t it? …just a thought

  8. Shar is doing good despite the K-fed and Britney Spears thing. She’s also very brave for going on Celebrity Fit Club with her ex. I couldn’t do that. I’m glad she lost the weight and is moving on. I’m happy for her.

    P.S. Clearly she has a thing for “white meat” haha. But hey, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, I’m just sayin.

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