People’s Revolution Kelly Cutrone shows us “Kell on Earth”

As I continue to push my own dreams forward, kick ass power women like Kelly Cutrone inspire me.  She’s on top of her game, painfully direct (call it bitchy, but it’s ok to me), and expects the best of the people who work for her.  She’s no bombshell by traditional standards, but she knows fashion and has established People’s Revolution as a top notch PR firm.  Not to mention, Kelly has and always will call it like she sees it.

Now, Cutroneys (new word, lol) can get a full dose thanks to her new show “Kell on Earthpremiering Feb 1, 2010 on Bravo TV.  I’ve been surfing around trying to sort out if she’ll continue her presence on MTV’s “The City” but I don’t see anything about that specifically at the moment, although I’m not the only wondering (see article in Fashionista- Kell on Earth, it’s real)  Please comment if you know.

Here’s a clip of Kelly Cutrone talking about herself including some little known facts.  Spoiler Alert: I had no clue she was a mom.  Definitely adds even more intrigue to what we may see during the first season of “Kell on Earth.”

Founder of the powerhouse PR firm People’s Revolution, Cutrone is a major player in the fashion world. A notable New Yorker and a force to be reckoned with, Cutrone lives a fast-paced, whirlwind life juggling her business in a tough economic climate, organizing major fashion shows across the world, and managing the everyday hectic pace of People’s Revolution. Somewhere in between she manages to make time for her personal life, which includes being a proud single mom to daughter Ava, and writing her first book “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside.” (source: Bravo TV Blogs)

Kelly Cutrone and People’s Revolution on MTV’s “The Hills” and “The City”abridged…

Kelly Cutrone and People’s Revolution attained notoriety amongst the pop culture, reality tv junkies like me through her appearances on MTV’s “The Hills” and “The City.”  On “The Hills,” Kelly served as boss to Whitney Port and then later to intern Lauren Conrad’s in Seasons 3 and 4.  Whitney spun off to do her own show on MTV “The City” where she spent Season 1 working for Diane von Furstenburg.  Meanwhile, Lauren Conrad continue to inch her way at People’s Revolution in “The Hills” Season 5 and convinces Kelly Cutrone to hire Stephanie Pratt (Spencer Pratt’s sister) to work at People’s Revolution.  Stephanie’s stint at People’s Revolution was a trainwreck in progress from the moment she started, and Kelly ultimately fires her by way of Lauren before Season 5 of “The Hills” is over.  At the end of Season 5, Lauren Conrad says good-bye to “The Hills” and working for People’s Revolution.  Meanwhile, Whitney’s first job in the Big Apple sours by the end of Season 1 and by Season 2, she’s back working with People’s Revolution as Kelly Cutrone’s mentee as Whitney develops her own fashion line.

Did you catch all that?  Did I get it right?

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Random Thought:  What happened to Nevan, Olivia’s freeloading cousin, that appeared on “The City” Season 1?

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