Ifelicious abridged notes on the first 3 episodes of MTV’s latest reality show The City


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I’ve been dying to put up this post for a while, but with the holidays and my overcommitments…



Ok, so I watched the first 3 episodes of The City again with my Ifelicious critical eye and took notes (that means this post is serious business…LOL).  Here’s my food for thought.  I checked some things afterward against the message boards so I’m feeling like I’m feeling a lot of the same initial impressions but of course I have some of my own Ifelicious Thoughts.

  1. I love Whitney from her days on The Hills and have been cheering for her to have her own space in the spotlight, but I don’t think she has the personality/disposition to star in her own reality show.  She’s hard to listen to and lacks drama.  At least, LC will manage to produce some tears and talk about how unfair life has been to her somewhere in episode.  Whitney, I still love you, but you’re too level headed for reality tv.  Beware, I see you being upstaged by some of your cast…eh-hem…Olivia.
  2. If you never watched The Hills, I don’t think you could jump in and watch this show and get hooked
  3. Duly noted.  Olivia is the snobby uptown girl.  To me she’s a little Heidi Montag (or shall I say Heidi Pratt) and Lo kind of wrapped into one.  Heidi for the look and sound of her voice.  Lo for the snobby and jealous part.  There’s some secrets in Olivia’s back pockets that I’m sure the season will reveal (someone on the message boards thought maybe she slept with Jay, not a bad hypothesis at this point…we’ll see).  I see some cat fights coming, unless Whitney stays all up on the high road.  And what’s up with them wearing the same hairstyle?  I’m waiting for them to start dropping acid and take a road trip in a VW bug up to Woodstock or maybe an updated equivalent like prescription pain killers and an eating disorder…and then the trip to Woodstock.
  4. Kim is a little wild child, maybe reminscient of Audrina?  I like her ’cause she’s naughty.  😎  What did she say at that dinner party after the 2nd toast was dedicated to Whitney’s arrival in NYC?  It was something about sex.  I wish it wasn’t mumbled.  The fact that some guy called her a hooker was classic!
  5. Jay, Alex, Adam…blah, blah, blah…guys…blah, blah, blah nothing exciting here yet
  6. MTV, kill The Unborn trailers (no pun intended) and get another sponsor.  Watching these episodes online is traumatic now.  Can I send you my pharmacy and therapy fees in the mail?  Jeepers!  Jiminy Crickets and all that!
  7. Last but certainly not least in my opinion of the show overall (not like this post isn’t already spewing Ifelicious bias through its pores…or shall I say pixels…LOL…nerds rule!).  While I’ve never resided in NYC, I have lived very close to it and visit often and the vantage point played out on the show is nowhere near my exposure.  I get the uptown (more specifically upper east side) vs downtown thing.  I guess this is where one my black peeps taps me on the shoulder (mostly likely my husband) and says, “Guess what, Ifelicious (cause you know that’s what they all call me…LOL), you’re not white!”  and the word “white” would be shouted but in a whisper, you know?


Will I keep watching?  Probably, as much as I hate to admit it.  Problem when you’re an MTV head.  I do have my limits.  I don’t do shots or double shots or triple shots at love nor those dumb ass, jackass type shows.  A well to do, educated lady has her limits.  😉

Will it make it to another season?  At this point, I doubt it, but we’ll see how this plays out and how the new season of The Hills plays out sans Whitney and with the Speidi marriage official.  Does that mean there are Speidi babies on the way?  Now that would spice things up!

Digame, peeps!  Thumbs up, down, or in between for The City?


  1. I have to confess, I’m a huge fan of The Hills and I think I’ll enjoy The City also. So many people have mentioned that Whiteny has no personality and may not do well with a reality show, but I think she’ll do just fine. I live in NYC and I guess I’m oblivious to the Uptown/Downtown conflict. LOL.

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