Whitney Port hosting dating show “Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend”

Last week, I reported “MTV cancels ‘The City’ with Whitney Port after two seasons.” Now, we know Whitney’s newest conquest…this show, especially with “Ken” in the title, is such a step backward for her and women in general.

MTV cancels “The City” with Whitney Port after two seasons

MTV has canceled “The City” after two seasons. This really isn’t shocking news to me. While I watched “The City,” I never thought Whitney Port carried the show. It was the sideline drama that really made no sense but was still entertaining between Olivia Palermno and Erin Kaplan

Next season of “The City” returns April 27 on MTV

Hurry up month of April! There’s so much great programming returning to TV. I don’t know if I’d classify “The City” amongst the ranks of “great” programming, but I still keep watching the show. The only thing that keeps me holding on is the drama with Olivia and Erin. From what I read on MTV’s Remote Control Blog (see “Make Room for more mean girl action on season two of ‘The City'”), the drams shall continue. Whitney, well apparently her backbone is growing stronger and her backing from Kelly Cutrone continues. I like Whitney, but she makes for boring TV.

MTV’s The City Season 2: Why is Olivia on the show?

First of all, I don’t what the show’s ratings have been, but I’m surprised to see it go on to a second season. I like Whitney, but she’s boring to watch on tv as a featured “actress.” Olivia kept the show going last season and she’s back now working for Elle magazine while Whitney works part-time at her old haunt People’s Revolution and is starting her own clothing line (could see that coming from a mile away). Now that they’re working in separate jobs and are not friends, why is Olivia on the show?

Olivia’s sidekick Nevan from MTV’s “The City” arrested for soliciting a prostitute

Meet James Nevan Donahue. If you’re a fan of MTV’s new faux reality show “The City,” you’ll recognize Donahue as the bothersome swell who pals around with an odious New York City woman named Olivia Palermo who considers herself a socialite and “stars” in the TV program…According to a police report, Donahue, driving a Jeep Cherokee, was searching for some strange one Monday afternoon when he approached a female cop posing as a hooker.