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Wanda Sykes tells what really happened in Tiger Woods accident. Hilarious! (video)

Wanda’s version of what really happened… Catch The Wanda Sykes Show Saturdays, 11/10c, only on FOX! ..Wanda, thanks for reading between the lines and tellin’ it like it is!

What The Buck: Adam Lambert Kisses A Boy & Jennifer Lopez FALLS!!!! 2009 AMAs

Dear Buck (or shall i call you “JerBuck”)…

* Uh, honey, it’s a long “u” sound for Kid Cudi. Sings that song “Day and Night” check it out.
* The girl with the big hat was the guitarist from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. She had a huge moment in the documentary. Hmmm, wondering if you saw it.
* I’m with you on Rihanna. Outfit was wack. She looked like could hurt me with those spikes in her shoulder pads. Maybe it was a protective move in case someone tried to beat her in the car (i know… that was wrong… ha ha!)

Mr. CG Inks Deal with HiTz Committee/Jive Records – Debut Solo Album in 2010!

At just 17-years-old, Mr. CG is already a veteran in the music industry. In 2008, Mr. CG teamed with Minneapolis-based label Hudson Records to release “Boogie Board 9000,” followed by a remix featuring California’s New Boyz. Fan-made viral videos for the dance track inundated the net in 2009, and just after completing his own viral video, HiTz Committee Entertainment and Jive Records snapped up the teen to release his solo debut album.

Dec 2009- IN THE LIFE “Creating Solutions”

Over twenty million people have died from AIDS since its cause, HIV, was discovered in 1981. Though leading scientists worldwide have dedicated their life’s work to understanding the virus, its genetic complexity is unprecedented and a cure is still beyond reach. This month on IN THE LIFE, we speak with scientists working tirelessly for a cure, advocates speaking out about the stigma of HIV, and look at the success of a cutting edge prevention effort to stop the spread of the disease.

Winners announced for 2009 American Music Awards. Performers included Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Adam Lambert

Winners of the 37th annual American Music Awards (AMA’s) were announced this evening to a sold out crowd, from the Nokia Theatre/LA Live. The show aired live on ABC at 8:00pm ET/ 7:00pm CT. Prior to the awards ceremony, there was a two-hour online red carpet show that streamed live on,,, and along with numerous other sites. The AMA Red Carpet Pre-Show set a new Ustream record for the largest red carpet webcast and farthest-reaching event on the leading internet broadcasting platform. The webcast achieved more than 3 million total views (Total viewers: 3.3 million / Total uniques: 2.1 million) during the 2 hour live event. For highlights and more information, visit