What The Buck: Adam Lambert Kisses A Boy & Jennifer Lopez FALLS!!!! 2009 AMAs


watch it…

Dear Buck (or shall i call you “JerBuck”)…

  • Uh, honey, it’s a short “u” sound when pronouncing “Cudi” as in Kid Cudi’s name. He sings that song “Day and Night.”  Here’s a link to watch the video (VIDEO) DAY AND NIGHT.
  • The girl with the big hat was the guitarist from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour.  She had a huge moment in the documentary.  Hmmm, wondering if you saw it.
  • I’m with you on Rihanna. Outfit was wack.  She looked like could hurt me with those spikes in her shoulder pads.  Maybe it was a protective move in case someone tried to beat her in the car (i know… that was wrong… ha ha!) 😆
  • What an unexpected Adam Lambert flip flop from you!
  • What’s up with you guys, gay and straight, and hair loss.  Try shedding the lining of your uterus every month.  Wanna trade? ROFL!!!
  • What’s up with saying “stanky leg?” You should learn it and actually do the dance in your next video!
  • Sign language??

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