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Reflections on Huffington Post article about Proposition 8

First off, I had an awkward moment at work last night as a male began recounting a story about a former gay employee amongst a group of folks kind of in coffee chat mode. I knew it was headed nowhere fast and I started out with little comments like…”that’s not brand.”…Huffington Post article on how there’s this blacklist of everyone who financially supported Prop 8

Somebody poke me in the eye now! We are doomed to a 5th season of The Hills.

I don’t know what they’re going to drum to hold our attention on another season, but like the wise words of the Wu-Tang Clan “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”.  I’m interested in Whitney’s spinoff show.  I’d like to see some more focus on her.  Brody and whatever show he is/was doing…not so much. Here’s an […]