Somebody poke me in the eye now! We are doomed to a 5th season of The Hills.


I don’t know what they’re going to drum to hold our attention on another season, but like the wise words of the Wu-Tang Clan “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”.  I’m interested in Whitney’s spinoff show.  I’d like to see some more focus on her.  Brody and whatever show he is/was doing…not so much.

Here’s an excerpt from an article where Audrina talks to People mag…

With shooting of the fourth season of The Hills about to wrap in a few weeks, Audrina Patridge, 23, is addressing speculation about the show’s future.

“There is going to be a fifth season,” Patridge tells PEOPLE. “We just found out.”

Patridge, who recently filmed the thriller Sorority Row with Rumer Willis, adds that — despite all the drama — she and her costars have a good time filming the show: “We have fun with each other and we’ve stuck it out this long, so we might as well do another one.”

But Patridge admits that the cast’s divergent interests have made filming difficult.



  1. observeroflife says:

    Yes, I’m beginning to wonder how far the producers of “The Hills” can stretch the word “reality”–can it last another season? Especially now that their lives have started to divert from the “plot” more and more. I’ve got a series of posts about the guys from “The Hills” this week on my (super new) blog–maybe you’d like to check it out? Thanks for the post!

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