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2005 American Idol contestant, Paula Goodspeed, commits suicide near Paula Abdul’s home

I’m surprised something like this hasn’t happened before now.  I always wonder about those contestants in the early rounds that are convenient targets of jokes and endless replays.  Are they in it for the 1 minute of fame or have they falsely lulled into believing they have superstar talent if talent at all?  At the […]

Ifelicious throwback: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving itself, but I’m such a fan of the Peanuts series and comic strips ever since I was a child. I still remember my daddy reading me the Peanuts comic strip from the Sunday Washington Post as a child. Charles Schultz was a genius!

Audrina thinks Lauren slept with Justin Bobby. Is she drinking the same crazy juice as Heidi?

Even I don’t believe that for a second.  Why would Audrina think that someone wants or would hook up with the guy she wants but doesn’t ever really act like he wants her back? Audrina, I don’t know you but something has totally rocked your self esteem. I have a girl power song list for […]

My, my, my…the couple we all wished would break up exhanges vows: Heidi and Spencer are married

Please tell me this is some publicity stunt like when Dennis Rodman said he was getting married and showed up in a wedding dress.  It’s like the arrangement that Bill Clinton and Hillary must have after their personal life was strewn all over the media for months.  Maybe there’s some financial incentive to make this […]

MTV plans to throw inaugural ball for Obama

Yes, even MTV is on the Obama bandwagon.  I would totally love to attend this one.  Not sure how you go about getting tix. MTV to host inaugural ball in Washington for Obama Nov 25 06:51 PM US/Eastern NEW YORK (AP) – MTV is throwing an inaugural ball for President-elect Barack Obama.The network announced Tuesday […]