Pop singer Manika performs at Audubon Middle School in Milwaukee (video, photos)

Los Angeles pop singer Manika made a pit stop in Milwaukee while still on her Shop Til You Rock tour on Tuesday, September 13, 2011…”Just Can’t Let You Go,” Manika’s hit single, continues to do well among Top 40 music fans, and it won’t be long before it hits the Billboard charts…did a follow up interview

Interview with rising young pop singer Manika, currently on Shop Til You Rock tour

As soon as I watched Manika’s video for “Just Can’t Let You Go” featuring teen heartthrob from Cash Money Records, Lil Twist, it’s been buzzing around in my head as my “happy song” of the summer. It’s infectious, and I’m just 1 of her over 30,000 Facebook fans that think so.