More from Diggy Simmons “Star is Born” freestyle (free mp3 download)

Destined to be a star, Diggy Simmons, releases “Star Is Born” Freestyle. Talk about FIRE; NO, Really, This sh*t is HOT! Upon dropping his first mix-tape in December with the lead single, “Point to Prove,” followed by another single, “Set Me Free,” Diggy Simmons is holding his own. Getting coverage throughout the internet, the demand to speak to the 14 year old Simmons, is insane. Humble and appreciative for all of the love and devotion his fans have graced him with, yet still feeling he is not taken serious by a few other, he decided to release, “Star is Born.”

New single from Diggy Simmons “Set Me Free” (free mp3 download)

The single “Set Me Free” produced by Snake Eyes has Diggy rhyming over an old school RnB track (I tried to research if it was sampled and by what artist. Let me know if you know) bringing a fresh blend of old meet news. I have to remind myself that Diggy is only 14 years old. As with some of his singles on “The First Flight” mixtape, “Set Me Free” Diggy is letting us know that he’s making his own way in the world despite being born with a silver spoon in his mouth.