More from Diggy Simmons “Star is Born” freestyle (free mp3 download)

“A star in the making/That’s what they be calling the kid”

Destined to be a star, Diggy Simmons, releases “Star Is Born” Freestyle. Talk about FIRE; NO, Really, This sh*t is HOT! Upon dropping his first mix-tape in December with the lead single, “Point to Prove,” followed by another single, “Set Me Free,” Diggy Simmons is holding his own. Getting coverage throughout the internet, the demand to speak to the 14 year old Simmons, is insane. Humble and appreciative for all of the love and devotion his fans have graced him with, yet still feeling he is not taken serious by a few other, he decided to release, “Star is Born.”

Download “Star is Born” by clicking HERE.

Read blog entry with download from “Diggy- Star is Born.”

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  1. Africanqueen says:

    This was FIRE!! I am impresssed!! But should we be surprised..this is the offspring of one of hip-hop royalty…Joseph Simmons—REV RUN!

  2. you are so cute

  3. i like your eyes

  4. jasmine stokes says:

    diggy i love u and u is vey fine and i really love your music 1-4-3 A SMILE WITH A WINK I LOVE U BABY BYE!!!!!!!!!!!………..1-4-3 BOY

  5. omg u r soooooo bomb kall me

  6. U r so cute and the best singerrr ever!!<3

  7. manijia says:

    you is my nomber 1 baby and i love you

  8. P. Gata says:

    Dam diggy yuh done grew mane from we use ta watch yo show shyd I didnt thank dat wuz u flown like dat n dat copy&paste song till I lookd it up… Hatz off ta ya…

  9. Diggy, I love you so much. I seen you grew up and you becoming so grown up and mature ! I got like all the songs of you on my my iPod and pictures And videos <3 (: I especially love that copy, paste song. Love tan and hopefully I get a ticket so I can see you at the ctmd concert :))

  10. DIGGY SIMONS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U’re mmy bby just take my email nd imbox me plzz i’m very beautiful!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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