In case you missed it. Whitney Houston interview with Oprah (video).

I wrote this whole post thinking all I would find is a few snippets of the 2 episode, 2 part interview with Whitney and Oprah. I got all the way to the end then happened across another website that had the FULL interview! So rather than trash my entire post, I’m giving you both. You choose.

Throwback Friday- Whitney Houston “I Will Always Love You”

In light of Whitney Houston’s recent comeback album “I Look To You” released on August 31, 2009 and by Twitter request from Phierce (peep his website- it was due time to pay homage to this true diva. Forget the controversy that has surrounded Whitney over the years, and allow yourself to be a music purist for a moment.

I look to you Whitney Houston…then looked away (video)

You have to admit that Whitney Houston still looks beautiful. I really like Whitney Houston’s song “I Look To You.” It’s a beautiful song and well suited for Whitney’s voice as we used to know it/hope to see it again…(video performance in post)