We Die Young: Former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr dead at 44

Former bassist for Alice In Chains, Mike Starr was found dead in his Salt Lake City, Utah home earlier today at the age of 44. The cause of death is unknown at this time.

Sex Rehab’s Kari Ann Peniche “U and Me and Tiger Make 3” video

Gotta love this! Kari Ann Peniche has recently made a name for herself in the reality TV circuit on VH1 shows “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew,” “Celebrity Rehab 3,” and not yet aired “Soberhouse 2.” Apparently, she’s putting her vocal skills to the test with the recent release of “U and Me and Tiger Make 3.”

Ifelicious TV: Red carpet interview with VH1 Celebrity Rehab’s Jeff Conaway

Having been a fan of VH1 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House with Jennifer Gimenez, I was pleased to see Jeff Conaway out on the red carpet tonight at Area Nightclub for the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards along with girlfriend Vicki Lizzi.

‘Real World’ ep4…there may be more than meets the eye

That blond seemed to sober up a little (emphasis on little) once her hottie turned out to be an angry drunk. I hope that was worth her 30 seconds of fame on MTV. Reality tv fame whores, what are ya gonna do?