‘Real World’ ep4…there may be more than meets the eye

episode 4 still image of Joey Kovar and girl he hooked up with. ‘The Real World: Hollywood’ (photo credit: MTV)

First of all…I love this pic!  That blond seemed to sober up a little (emphasis on little) once her hottie turned out to be an angry drunk.  I hope that was worth her 30 seconds of fame on MTV.  Reality tv fame whores, what are ya gonna do?

So now I see the common thread forming.  It looks like many, if not all (yet to be revealed I guess), of the cast members are dealing with or have dealt with various addictive behaviors.  Joey the alky is now revealed as a druggie and takes center stage this episode.  Bri, well I’ve spent so much time on her already.  Sarah reveals she’s recovering from eating disorder.  I can’t wait to find out what Kimberly has other than her narrow minded points of view.

However, this episode did not come without a preliminary dose of Sarah and Kim’s game of holier than thou at Bri’s expense.   I’m hanging in here, but I swear I have one foot out the door…I think…oh, I don’t know!  I’m addicted!

Funny how they’re using Dr. Drew’s treatment facility.  He had a reality show, too recently.  It was on VH-1 I think and called “Celebrity Rehab”.  That was definitely too freakish and just not interesting to get me hooked.  I hope they don’t use this to segue Joey onto that trainwreck of a show.

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