Indie Love: “Bury Them Bones” video released by Capelle and Nitty DeFaunque

the latest video and track from the Capelle and Nitty DeFaunque who are now referring to their collabos under the moniker Them Bones, called “Bury Them Bones.”

‘What You Gonna Do’ by Capelle ft. Nitty DeFaunque cleverly samples Kanye and Jay-Z’s ‘Otis’

As soon as I saw the video and heard “What You Gonna Do” by UK electro rock band Capelle featuring Chicago artist Nitty DeFaunque, I knew I had to spread the word. The song instantly draws you in as it kicks off by sampling just a little of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s mega hip hop hit “Otis” and then rocks out to the gritty, sexy vocals of Nitty DeFaunque