Interview: Leroy Garrett from MTV’s ‘Real World: Vegas’ and ‘The Challenge: Rivals’

Now, with some pocket change from a 2-season run of MTV reality TV, I checked in on Leroy to see how he’s enjoying his new found fame. His garbage man days are in the past, but even he’ll admit that he could and would return to it if he had to. He’s made his California dreaming a reality and pitched his tent in LA, and not because he thinks he’s suddenly an actor/model or even trying to land more reality TV…Plus, he’s going hard on promoting fitness

MTV changes their own rules thus condones violence on Real World Vegas. Dustin Zito-Mike Ross fight and Dustin says the “N” word

Let me get this straight, because Dustin Zito threw but did not land the punch (although it looks like he did when I watch it, and in this unedited version Mike shows that his lip was cut) at Mike Ross, there’s no need for an intervention by MTV.