Throwback Friday: ‘Break My Stride’ by Matthew Wilder

Someone on Facebook asked me recently, what’s my secret to pushing through that wall? Honestly, I don’t have one. You’ve just got to want something more than you want to give up…As I’m dragging through today trying to make sure those end of the week loose ends are tied up in a nice bow, I found myself singing the chorus from the 80s song “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder, from his album “I Don’t Speak the Language,” on replay in my head.

Throwback Friday: ‘Luka’ by Suzanne Vega

If you followed any 80s pop music, you’ll recall Vega’s distinctive raspy voice and folksy style that led her to 2 hits off her sophomore album with A&M Records “Solitude Standing” album released in 1987. “Luka” was one of those hits, and the other was “Tom’s Diner.” “Luka” tells a dark tale of a physically abused boy living in her building.

Throwback Friday: “What I Am” by Edie Brickell and New Bohemians

Last night, I watched VH1’s “100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80s,” and I was in throwback heaven! #24 on the list sang to my Bohemian heart…Edie Brickell & New Bohemians video for “What I Am.” The song came off the Dallas, Texas group’s album entitled “Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars”

Throwback Friday: “We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner

Now here’s a song that’s for rolling up the windows in your car and singing at the top of your lungs or in the shower while you’re getting crunked for your work day- especially the chorus. The year is 1985, and the movie “Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome” was in theaters. Tina Turner was at the prime of her singing career, although we can argue that her music is timeless. “We Don’t Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner was the theme song for “Mad Max” a film in which she also played a leading role of Aunty Entity alongside Mel Gibson (“Max”). If you listen to the lyrics, between singing at the top of your lungs 😆 , the song speaks of peace and hope for the future. The video for the song and won a MTV Music Award for Best Female Video and peaked at #2 on the US Billboard charts.

Throwback Friday- “Forever Young” by Alphaville

I know… I’ve been slacking. It’s been a few weeks since I posted my last Throwback Friday song, but I’m bizzack!!! Jay Z has once again landed a chart topping hit with “Young Forever.” The moment, I heard it, I knew I wanted to do a post dedicated to the original song that’s sampled from German pop group Alphaville called “Forever Young.” Released in 1984, “Forever Young” is a 80s cult classic that makes me want to throw on some jelly bracelets and dance in a circle holding a lighter in air.