Interview with actor, author, and comedian from ‘Will and Grace’ and so much more…THE Leslie Jordan!

this self professed “gregarious recluse” will don his “Leslie Jordan drag” when the time calls for his public persona that we’ve all grown to know and love

Sara Bareilles video for song “Gravity”

Sara Bareilles video for song “Gravity” from Little Voices album

My eyes roll every time I see that Jim Beam commercial

Jim Beam perfect girlfriend video is sexist

Feel the Rush…Hip Hop artist David RUSH

Video interview and videos for rapper David RUSH

Illogic gets lyrical with Diabolical Fun. New album 03.24.09 on Weightless Recordings

YO!  COLUMBUS, OHIO WHERE YOU AT!!!! I’m so excited to post the press release below about the very first local artist that I’ll get to cover.  If you’re in the area save the date for ILLOGIC’S “DIABOLICAL FUN” ALBUM RELEASE PARTY FRIDAY MARCH 27, 2009 9PM @ SKULLY’S Illogic on myspace- – – – […]