Farrah’s mom also grieved the death of a former love (video)

It’s been like two weeks, and I totally miss my weekly dose of MTV’s “Teen Mom.”  I can’t even bring myself to watch the new season of “16 and Pregnant” since I formed such a bond with Amber and Gary, Catelynn and Tyler, Maci and whoever she’s dating, and Farah and her mama drama.

I’ve been meaning to post this interview that MTV did with Farrah and her robo-mom, I mean Debra, after the Dr. Drew special.  Debra confesses she also had to grieve the death of a former fiance. I just want to know what their life looks like when a camera’s not shining on them.  They are so stiff on camera.

Read the full post on MTV.com.  Also, read my blog post, “Teen Mom Farrah is not pregnant and Amber needs her head examined” as well as all of my Teen Mom posts by CLICKING HERE.

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