Teen Mom Farrah is not pregnant and Amber needs her head examined

16 and Pregnant” was not so interesting, more of a modern day ABC “After School Special,” but its spin-off “Teen Mom” is completely “NOT delicious” (you have to watch “The A-List” to get that joke 😆 ).  I would never have guessed that a reality show about teenage mothers would get us all hooked.  It’s like “Hoarders” for the judgmental…scratch that…I mean discerning soul.

I honestly could go on for days about dating step-siblings (i know, right?) Catelynn and Tyler who gave their daughter up for adoption (peep their blog tylerandcatelynn.com) and teen mom Maci and boyfriend Ryan Kyle ?? (although the rumor of the hour is that she’s trying to get back with Ryan, read blog post in Hollywood Life).  However, the juiciest drama seems to surround teen mom Farrah and the teen on again, off again couple Amber and Gary.


Besides being the most stylish of them all and the possessing the prettiest ugly cry I’ve ever seen, the girl has had her bouts of serious drama.  Earlier in the year, she pressed charges against her mom who assaulted her in an argument.  The baby daddy Derek died tragically in a car accident (they weren’t dating at the time of the accident) before their daughter Sophia was born.  As if that weren’t enough to make you say “WTF?” she’s rumored to have dated Pauly D from “Jersey Shore” at some point. 🙄

But wait, there’s more…

About a week ago, rumors surfaced that Farrah was pregnant thanks to OK Magazine (naughty! naughty!).  The rumors were not true, as confirmed by Farrah herself in an interview with MTV where she stated:

No, I am not. I have no clue how anyone could think that. I don’t understand where it comes from because I don’t have sex! From the episode that was aired last night, it shows I can’t find a guy, and I don’t have time to date. I’m just not ready to be intimate with someone. It’s a time in my life where I’m just kind of shut down…

…Right before I modeled in the hair show they talked about, I had an allergic reaction to medicine I was taking. I got bloated. None of the women I was modeling with said anything to me about having a bump. I still had a great time [at the show], regardless of my body not being the way I wanted it to be. And the only clothes I’m wearing lately are baggy! They’re sweats for cooking and working out all the time, and going to the park with my daughter. I feel like I have no one to impress. I’m not going to dress up for anybody, I’m comfortable with myself…


A pal of mine and I were joking about how Amber has become such a household name that you just say “Amber” and everyone knows you’re talking about “Teen Mom.”  Beautiful disaster/Teen mom Amber has been dating, then engaged, and broken up and everything in between with Gary.  The two have a daughter together named Leah who has witnessed more chaos in her first years of life than some people will ever see in their entire lifetime.

Amber has a temper that knows no boundaries, and she has lashed out at Gary on camera during many of the episodes.  She’s got some whacked out judgment calls like not having sheets on Leah’s crib and getting mad at Gary’s mom for buying some.  In the most recent episode (#11) she goes on a date with some jailbird that she met at WalMart.

The most concerning/profound incident was on episode 10 where Amber threw punches at Gary while yelling at him, landing a right hook on his jaw.  Then, as he turned his back and proceeded down the steps, Amber kicked him in the back.  Thank God, Gary had the wherewithal to take daughter Leah with him when he left the apartment.  Domestic violence is real.  Domestic violence from women towards men is real.  Honestly, Amber sounds like Chris Brown, after beating up Rihanna and her injuries captured in a photo seen around the world, and so many others where there is no real accountability just a lot of noise.

Thankfully, MTV stepped in and reported the incident to the local authorities who are now investigating Amber. There should be hours of footage of her abusive language and behavior because we see it every week.  It’s disheartening to see Gary just take it and turn it inward (apologizing with flowers, puhleez!) so I hope he’s getting some help on MTV’s dime to get himself together.

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