Archives for November 2, 2010

“Teen Mom” bank account revealed and Huff Post writer Stephanie Sylverne’s take on the show

I, too, saw the salaries of the MTV’s “Teen Mom” cast that were leaked in “Life and Style” magazine. If you didn’t hear or read about it, they make $60,000-$65,000 a season…Stephanie Sylverne wrote an article for The Huffington Post called “Why We Really Care About ‘Teen Mom’.” She delves deep into our psyche about our need for explanations…

Farrah’s mom also grieved the death of a former love (video)

I’ve been meaning to post this interview that MTV did with Farrah and her robo-mom, I mean Debra, after the Dr. Drew special. Debra confesses she also had to grieve the death of a former fiance. I just want to know what their life looks like when a camera’s not shining on them.

November 2010: IN THE LIFE Presents “Gen Silent”

This month, IN THE LIFE presents an excerpt of the film “Gen Silent,” a moving documentary about the very seniors whose generation organized the LGBT community into a movement, but now face so much fear and discrimination that they’re driven back into isolation