Justin Fortune opens his Hollywood gym to Sugar Ray Leonard

Unpretentious.  That’s what I thought as I hauled my bohemian hold-it-all bag full of my journalist gear up to the address given to me for Fortune Gym.  It’s a word I don’t get to use often enough in Hollywood, but it also describes Australian native, former heavyweight contender, and owner, Justin Fortune.  As I walked inside, everyone was at total exertion as their gloves made contact with punching bags and sparring partners.  Home to 6 pro and 3 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)  pro fighters, there was no one dabbing their faces with plush white spa towels as they marveled at themselves in the mirror.

Opened since 2008, Fortune Gym was a place where champions were born.  It’s also where I found boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard busily training actor Kris Black for his upcoming role in Four Legged Pictures‘ dramatic feature “Five Good Years.”

Fortune and I spoke for a few minutes about his gym and also how it became the training location for Leonard and Black. Here’s the interview below:

For more information on Fortune Gym, including class schedules, visit www.fortunegym.com.

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