Save your money: Elin Nordregen’s article in People mag in a nutshell

Tiger‘s now official ex-wife, Elin Nordregen, did a one time “tell all” interview for People magazine.  Having remained silent until now, Elin invited People mag into her home on August 15, 2010.  Over the course of 4 visits totaling 19 hours of interview time, no photos of the children allowed, the result was a 12-page feature that touted it would answer all unanswered questions and set the records straight, from Elin’s perspective.

Save your $4.49 on a copy of the issue because there was no shocking revelation.  Heck, we’re in a recession, right? What I want is the tapes/notes from those 19 hours.  That’s where the unscripted, uncensored by lawyers deets remain.  Who knows?  People, no pun intended, will sell their soul to tabloids.  Perhaps something will leak out sooner or later of interest.

I took the $4.49 hit to my pocketbook (it’s a super cute messenger/bohemian styled one that i bought in Harvard Square a while back) and have summed up the highlights for you below:

  • Elin doesn’t care about the dollar amount of her settlement (rumored in the $100 million neighborhood) stating, “Money can’t buy happiness…or put a family back together.” Later in the article she shares, “Money doesn’t make you happy, but I have to be honest: It is making some things easier.”
  • Elin had absolutely no clue that Tiger was cheating on her because “For the last 3 1/2 years while this was going on…I was home a lot more with pregnancies, then the children, then my school.”  The news was a complete shock. (that’s what she said…)
  • Elin insists she did not come after Tiger with a golf club when he crashed into that tree last Thanksgiving.  That’s her story (and his) and they’re sticking to it.
  • Elin grew up playing soccer in Sweden.  That was the most rockin’ discovery of the interview.  Go soccer chicks!!!
  • Elin has a twin sister. (no comment…)
  • Elin doesn’t like being in the spotlight
  • Elin can apply her fantastic Psychology 101 (she’s working on her bachelor’s in psychology) stages of grief to her own life now- shock, anger, depression.  She told People, “I am still working on the last stage, forgiveness and/or acceptance.”
  • Her mom did not pass out from the stress of the rumors about her daughter and then husband back in December.  She caught a stomach bug from Elin and Tiger’s son Charlie.  Coupled with her history of low blood pressure, she fainted/collapsed.
  • Elin is not running of to Sweden with her children because she loves America and it’s her home now. (sure, that had nothing to do with Tiger)

There you have it.  Class dismissed!  😆

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